The Ultimate Guide To Tanning Your Face

The Ultimate Guide To Tanning Your Face

Published by Patricia on 26th Jan 2022

Okay babes, we know you have tanning your body down pat, but sometimes you are left feeling puzzled about the best way to tan your face. Some self-tanners aren’t made to use on the face, or others make you break out, go patchy and leave you trying to scrub it off! Our goal here is for a smooth face tan so we don’t have some seriously obvious difference, so we have created this ultimate guide to keep your face glowing.

Be Skincare Savvy

Caring for the skin on your face is the most important part of your face tanning routine, similar to when you tan your body. You want to gently remove any dirt and dry skin from your face with our all-natural Calming Facial Cleanser before applying the product to ensure you achieve an even finish. This will stop those patchy spots you’re fearing! After cleansing your face, dab or rinse your face with cold water to close your pores for a flawless face tan.

Glowy Face Tanning Water

Face tanning waters are miracle workers in the form of a colourless, easy-apply product! Apply the water and massage evenly across your face and down your neck to blend into the tan already applied on your body. The perks of our Tan + Tone Face Water is spraying it on and rubbing it into your face before you go to bed, and waking up with that sun-kissed glow.

Remember: Wash your hands after applying your Tan + Tone Face Water to avoid an uneven tan on your hands!

Take It Slow With Gradual Tanner

As women, we know how to multitask, and so do our gradual tanners! Our Gradual Tanning Serum glides onto your face to nourish and hydrate, as well as tan. Using a gradual tanner is a great way to slowly build up the colour on your face for an all-natural glow. Much like the face tanning water, massage the serum into your face and ensure you blend it into your hairline, as well as down your neck to meet the tan on your body! Continue to apply daily until you reach your perfect colour, and always remember to wash your hands afterwards.

Contouring With Gradual Tanner

This is the game changer, girlfriend! If you don’t love tanning your entire face, but still want a natural glow, grab our Blending Face Brush and get ready for some magic. Dollop a small amount of gradual tanner onto a clean surface, then dip your brush and apply it only to the areas where you would contour your face- just below your cheekbones, along your hairline and either side of your nose. Now your face is contoured (or tantoured, if you will)!

Your tanned face now looks flawless and accents the tan on your body perfectly! Always remember, the best aftercare for your tan is to stay hydrated and moisturise regularly. Get glowing and show us your fresh face tan by tagging @nukara.tan!