Tantouring Explained

Tantouring Explained

Published by Patricia on 26th Jan 2022

Never heard of tantouring? We’ve got your back! Imagine waking up every single morning, contour intact and ready to take on the day with your fresh-faced look. Once you hear all about tantouring, it will become a must-have part of your tanning routine. Thank us later!

What is Tantouring?

Trust us when we say tantouring is exactly what it sounds like - contouring with tan. Instead of contouring with makeup products, self-tanner provides a semi-permanent glow to your face. Define your cheekbones, nose and face shape all at the touch of a brush. But how do you do it right?

Cleanse The Skin

As per usual, when you tan you need to have a smooth, clean base to work with. So get in there with your skincare routine! A gentle exfoliation to remove dry and dead skin and cleansing with our Calming Facial Cleanser to remove makeup and dirt will do the trick.

Your Toolkit

You’re better off not using a glove for this one as you want to be as precise as possible! Save your skin by using a face tanner rather than your tanning mousse. Dollop a generous amount of our Gradual Tanning Serum onto a clean surface (like a plate or small mirror) and grab your Blending Face Brush. Dip the brush into the serum and begin applying it to your face, using gentle strokes for a perfect finish.

Where Should It Be Applied?

If you have never contoured before, it is highly recommended to contour everywhere you want extra definition. Begin with just below your cheekbones and up toward the apple of your cheek and temple. This gives the illusion of a chiseled jawline. Along your hairline and below your jawline are next to shape your face with a bronzed glow. Then finally, either side of your nose and the very tip to finish the look!

Now sit back, relax and let the gradual tanner do the work. Remember to keep your face moisturised to prolong the life of your tantour. Now that you’re a pro, remember to take a selfie and tag us @nukara.tan!