Self Tanning For Beginners

Self Tanning For Beginners

Published by Patricia on 26th Jan 2022

We have all heard (or seen!) those horror tanning stories which can be super intimidating for a first time self-tanner! You don’t want your first time to be orange, patchy or streaky. We have all been there, and after many years we have made the perfect tanning routine! This is your ultimate guide for getting the perfect tan, every time- no filter needed.

1. Ditch the Dead Skin

Your routine should begin with a full body exfoliation. This eliminates dead skin which self tanner often clings to and causes those uneven patches you want to avoid. Get scrubbing girl!

Jump in the shower with the heat up high until your skin is feeling soft and your pores are open, this will help with a deeper exfoliation. The best way to exfoliate is using our Exfoliating Mitt and focus on particularly dry areas such as your hands, elbows, knees and ankles where tan is more likely to build up. For those who are regular self-tanners and may have some leftover tan still on, this is the time to use our Foaming Tan Remover to leave your skin perfectly fresh for your next coat!

If you choose to shave, a deep exfoliation prior to shaving will allow a closer shave for the smoothest tan possible.

Hot Tip: Try and wait at least an hour after exfoliating to apply your tan so your skin has time to rest and the tan won’t soak into your open pores.

2. Stay Hydrated

Moisturising is THE essential part of any tanning routine. You have already removed all of your dry skin, so you want to stop it from coming back. Refrain from moisturising your entire body before you apply your self-tanner as it will prevent the tan from fully soaking into the skin.

You will want to moisturise certain areas that hold the tan and cause uneven shades over your body. Apply a smidge of moisturiser to your elbows, underarms, knees and ankles, as well as your hands and feet.

Hot Tip: If you regularly wear sports bras, apply a bit of moisturiser to the front of your underarms as the material usually rubs there and causes dryness and tan build up. If you regularly go to the gym and use squat racks, apply moisturiser to the back of your neck where the barbell would sit.

3. It’s Tan O’Clock

Now it’s time to apply your tan! Ensure you have the essentials in your tanning kit. Our Application Mitt allows you to apply your Instant Tanning Mousse without getting your hands (literally!) dirty, and our Blending Body Brush allows you to create a flawless tan application, even between your fingers and toes!

Pump a generous amount of tanning mousse onto the application mitt and apply it to your body, spreading it evenly. Massage the tan into your skin in circular motions and work in small sections for the most even finish.

Once your body is covered, give the tan time to soak into the skin before putting on your clothes and wear loose, dark clothing to prevent the tan transferring onto anything else!

4. Glow Baby, Glow

Once your tan has been on for 2 hours (or more if you like it super dark), jump back in the shower and rinse! Ensure you rinse every area to avoid your tan running and transferring onto your clothes later in the day. Once the water runs clear, hop out and pat dry with your towel. It is important not to rub your towel across your tan when drying.

To keep your tan looking fresh, moisturise your body after the first 24 hours with our Hydrating Tan Extender and continue to apply daily. If you want to continue to deepen your tan, use our Gradual Tanning Serum every few days.

And that’s it! Now you’re a self-tanning pro. Snap a shot of your fresh tan and don’t forget to tag @nukara.tan to show off that glow!