What is the difference between medium and ultra dark tan?

If you are starting off your tanning journey we recommend using our medium shade tan for a soft and subtle glow. Once you're feeling more of a bronzed look the ultra dark tan should do the trick! 

How long should I shower/swim after my tan is applied?

Wait a least 6-8 hours before coming into contact with water to allow for the tan to develop into the skin. 

Will my tan go patchy?

Our tan should remain streak free with reapplication of our mousse and gradual tanning moisturiser, heavy sweating or after a few washes may result in fading of the tan. 

Difference between moisturiser and glow cream?

The Gradual tanning moisturiser will help to extend the longevity of your tan and deeply moisturise the skin whereas our new glow shimmer cream will add a beautiful sparkling flare  to your current tan and can be applied as little or as often as you like. 

How long will this tan last?

Our tanning products aim to last around 5-7 days but can be reapplied as often as desired to achieve a bronzed look. 

Can this tan be used during pregnancy? 

Although we believe our products are all safe to use on the skin please advise your local GP in regards to whether or not our specific products would be suitable during pregnancy. 

Will this product transfer onto clothing, stain sheets? 

We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing for up to 8 hours while your tan develops. Please be aware that the colour of the tan may transfer onto items of certain items of clothing or bedding. Tip: you can use a towel underneath you whilst sleeping to help avoid staining your sheets. 

What is the smell?

We have strawberry and watermelon scented products within our product range, you choose your favourite and let us know! 

Which product is suited for me?

It all depends on personal preference and how dark you would like your tan to be. The products in our range can be used for a medium to an ultra dark tan. 

What is DHA?

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the natural active ingredient in self tanning products. The level of DHA controls how dark and natural the colour looks.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, we love our furry friends and do not condone testing on animals

Is this tan suitable for all ages?

YES! No matter who you are, we recommend getting your tan on with Nukara!

More questions?

If you have a question we haven’t answered, we’d love to help. Email us at and we’ll get you the information you’re looking for.